My Role:  Director, Writer, Producer


The BBC wanted to sell British Comedy to a new and diverse audience in South Africa. We had a collection of comedy shows and stand up performances from British comedians. We couldn’t use obvious jokes as it had to transcend cultures and therefore had to have a very strong visual presence. 


We came up with the concept to ‘prepare for the punch line’ which showed an array of people doing extraordinary things in preparation for the comedy they were about to receive. 


The campaign, resulted in an uplift of 2749% in our targeted demographic, and our channel recruitment campaign, which increased share by 74% MOM and 89% YOY.

It also won a collection of awards: Promax Award BDA World 2011, Funniest Promotion Gold- Best Copy-writing, Bronze Best Directing, Promax Award BDA Africa 2010 Best Design in promotion Gold.